BIRCH GROVE is founded in the understanding that due to the simple fact that the majority of cemeteries across the U.S. are reaching capacity a new, more space efficient, burial practice is needed. This project was developed as a business model, and is currently in the process of seeking investors, please contact MONTGOMERY if you are interested in more information. 

In the poem Birches R.Frost depicts the simple act of a boy swinging on birches within a philosophical lens. As a boy climbing toward heaven, as seen through the eyes of a man whom needs to remain.” BIRCH GROVE seeks to blend the embedded poetics of the birch tree with a new, culturally relevant, burial practice. This practice incorporates mixing cremains into concrete, and through a series of pours, striated columns are cast. Each pour, due to the inherent properties of concrete, will lend a different character of color and texture to the surface of the column resembling birch bark. A five foot column with a 1' diameter can house and mark the remains of 40 people.  These columns can be designed to flank a linear path, create a small clustering, define a boundary, or a become a stand as the site requires. 

The mourners, through a calculated set of experiential sequences are taken to and through, below and above a grove of birches; some real and some abstract  burial markers. This blending of the constructed with the natural, the columns and the birches, will perhaps allow both the “coming and going” from our world, and bring solace to the those whom experience it.