Rachel Paupeck won the 2012 Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Studies Award for DECARCERATION. Additionally, I am seeking funding to visit all state prisons and bring these architectural suggestions to their wardens, governors and all relevent stakeholders. If you would like more information about this project, please feel free to reach out. 

DECARCERATION has engaged economists, urban planners, social workers, public health advocates, activists, philosophers and other vested parties in this interdisciplinary dialogue, in order to generate a truly sustainable analysis of how to prevent prison rape vis-a-vis an architectural intervention. It's findings have been shared with governors, wardens, politicians as an economically sound and culturally relevant solution to our countries established methods of imprisonment. CURRENTLY, some of it's architectural findings have been implemented into the Rhode Island penile system with a reported reduction of 11% inmate to inmate rape.

Within the context of this work - I want to alter the paradigm which situates the government as the architectural client, to one where the prisoner is the client. I am currently pen pals with a transgendered woman whom, although is serving a 15 year sentence, enjoys reading science fiction too.